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Access Contract Pricing…

Once approved, dealers and government representatives (U.S. Government, federal government agencies, local governments/municipalities) can access additional information and price lists for available products including all construction and commercial turf equipment, lawn care and grounds equipment, related supplies and more.

EKA is your approved source with contracts from GSA, AFNAF, HGACBuy and BuyBoard.

Dealer Registration

If you are a distributor or dealer of a brand or brands that we sell, you can register to access GSA and/or government contract programs and pricing for your products.

Agency Registration

If you represent a government agency (federal, state, county, city…) and would like more information on products and pricing, register today to request access.

Need Help?

Give us a call. We’re happy to help with registration or to answer your questions.

Call toll free: 1-770-498-9316

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