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Representative Dealer Registration

Only registered, approved dealers can access EKA programs and term sheets.

If you are a dealer of a brand that EKA sells, you can register to request access to GSA and/or NPA term sheets for your products.

Contact EKA via e-mail or call us toll free at 1-770-498-9316 if you need additional information or assistance with dealer registration.

Step 1 — Read the Following:
Dealer Terms and Conditions

EKA Supplier Partners and Dealers: The use of EKA GSA Price Lists, EKA NAF Price Lists, EKA State contracts, and EKA government cooperative agreements are confidential documents and are privileged in nature for exclusive use by EKA suppliers and EKA supplier dealers in promoting EKA sales. All orders and sales secured via use of EKA contracts and/or pricing must be directed through EKA, who is the prime contractor on all EKA contracts. Any other use or reference to EKA contracts, contract numbers and pricing is strictly prohibited.

EKA government marketing agreements vary by supplier. EKA contracts market to Federal agencies, state agencies, municipal government agencies, government cooperative purchase networks, minority qualifying entities and government contractors. For each respective contract, EKA is the prime contractor and central facilitator of sales on behalf of the EKA suppliers and their respective dealer network. Purchase orders utilizing said contract numbers and pricing must be directed through EKA.

EKA supplier dealer participation is vital and an integral part of the success of these programs for the customer, supplier, supplier dealers and EKA. Pricing is inclusive of factory or EKA dealer sales rebates and reimbursements. Contact EKA for a copy of the applicable rebate/reimbursement program.

Registration on the EKA website allows access and downloading of EKA government programs and price lists. Acceptance of EKA terms and conditions is required for successful registration.

The EKA government program and pricing files may also be accessed through our EKA supplier websites and various government websites. Wherever and however these files are accessed, dissemination, forwarding, printing or copying of the EKA government programs and price lists is limited to the sole purpose of promoting through EKA customer orders and sales with EKA suppliers and EKA supplier dealers.

EKA welcomes your participation, cooperation and agreement with these terms and conditions of use.

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