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HammerHead Trenchless

HammerHead® Trenchless is a Worldwide Leader in Trenchless Solutions.

Piercing, bursting and ramming products are used by contractors around the globe to install or replace fiber, communication, water, sewer and gas lines with minimal disruption to above ground landscapes, structures and traffic flow. HammerHead products are proudly made in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, U.S.A. and sold and serviced in more than 63 countries.

Piercing Tools

Piercing tools are ideal for installing utilities under existing landscapes and / or structures. These pneumatic-powered tools create a compact hole that allows contractors to install underground gas, water, cable, irrigation, fiber or electrical lines under yards, buildings or streets with minimal disruption.

When it comes to boring holes under a sidewalk to install coaxial cable, or under a highway to get natural gas service from the main to a new customer you can count on HammerHead pneumatic piercing tools to deliver the productivity and reliability needed to complete the job.

HammerHead piercing tools are some of the most reliable in the industry today. With more than 24 models ranging from 2″ to 8″ (50 to 200 mm), HammerHead has a piercing tool to meet your needs and any ground condition.

Industry Leading 2 Year Warranty – Protect your investment with two year limited warranty protection on HammerHead Mole piercing tools compared to just 90 days with the leading competitor.

Pipe Bursting

Municipalities and underground contractors recognize pipe bursting as an effective and efficient method to replace failing, outdated or undersized sewer, water and gas lines, and they are turning to HammerHead for their pipe-bursting equipment needs.

HammerHead leads the industry with innovative and reliable pipe-bursting systems. But we don’t stop there. We also provide unmatched service and support to make sure your project is successful. From free project consultation to in-field training to round-the-clock service support, HammerHead is your pipe-bursting partner.

Extensive Product Line

HammerHead offers more than 15 static, pneumatic and lateral bursting equipment models capable of installing pipe from 2″ to 30″ (50 mm to 762 mm) and larger. No matter the situation, we have a system to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

HDD Assist / HDD Tooling

From tooling connections to housings and drill heads, HammerHead manufactures versatile and rugged horizontal directional drilling products designed to surpass your underground drilling requirements.

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